Who we are & What we do

THE GALLI GROUP has been serving Washington, Oregon and California for over 25 years and offers services in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, civil engineering, surface and groundwater hydrology, laboratory testing and construction inspection and testing services.

Founded in 1990, THE GALLI GROUP has extensive experience in Oregon, Washington and California. Our services are focused at all forms of site development, new construction, slope stability and steep slope reports, geologic hazards, site specific seismic analyses, residential, commercial, industrial and governmental public works projects, structure rehabilitation, damage causation and remedial design, forensic investigation, expert witness for cases of loss or damage, surface and groundwater evaluation and control, streambank stabilization on in-water work design and permitting.

The client base we generally work for consists of architects, structural engineers, general civil firms, school districts, individual homeowners, industrial companies, chain stores, quarry operators, law firms, insurance companies, governmental agencies, real estate companies, property management groups, development companies, construction firms and other engineering firms.

We combine the investigative and design process with good communication and people skills in attempting to find solutions which meet the needs of all parties. We are easy to work with and are genuinely concerned about our clients and their projects. THE GALLI GROUP offers its professional services from the preliminary planning phases of a project to construction inspection and verification services during construction of the project.