Construction Testing & Inspection Services

THE GALLI GROUP provides construction quality control, special inspection and testing services at the job site and at our materials testing laboratory in Grants Pass, Oregon. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are ACI (American Concrete Institute) and ICC (International Code Council Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector) certified. Our engineers and technicians provide the following construction and testing services:

Fill Placement & Grading Inspections

Compaction Control & Density Testing

Nuclear Density Testing

Reinforcing Steel Inspections

Epoxy Inspections

High Strength Bolt Inspection

Mortar Cylinders & Testing

Masonry Inspections & Prisms

Concrete Inspections & Cylinders

Drilled Pier Inspections

Aggregate Sampling

Aggregate Compliance Testing

Tie Back Installation Observations

Pull Test Inspections

Pile Driving Inspections

Pile Load Tests

Rock Bolt Installation Observations

Laboratory Testing Services

THE GALLI GROUP offers complete laboratory services for all types of projects. Our Grants Pass laboratory offers a wide range of ASTM and AASHTO test procedures which are performed by qualified professionals and technicians. Our materials testing laboratory is certified yearly by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). Our lab provides the following test procedures:

Compaction Curves (Moisture-Density Curves)

      • Standard Proctor (ASTM D-698)
      • Modified Proctor (ASTM D-1557)

Sieve Gradation Test

Hydrometer Test

Consolidation Testing

Expansion Index (EI) Testing

Expansion Index (EI) Testing

Expansion Index (EI) Testing

Hydraulic Conductivity Testing

California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

Sand Equivalent

Direct Shear

Unconfined Compression

Rock Fracture Percent