Engineering Geology

THE GALLI GROUP is well experienced in the geology of the Pacific Northwest and the west coast. With advanced degrees, professional registration in most western states and decades of experience, our geology department is capable of meeting the geologic challenges of your project.

Utilizing outside drillers, aerial photography, geophysical methods and current soil and rock evaluation software our geologists and engineering geologists work with a wide variety of geologic settings and project types including all types of residential, commercial, industrial, governmental and public works projects. They are supported by our GIS staff and materials testing laboratory in providing the following services.

Hard Rock Quarry Studies

Rock Slope Evaluations

Rock Bolt Design

Landslide Evaluations

Ocean Bluff Erosion

Regional Landslide Mapping

Earthquake and Seismicity Studies

Fault Studies

Seismic Load on Structures

Geologic Literature & Map Reviews

Groundwater and Aquifer Evaluations

Aggregate Source Development

Aggregate Quality Testing

Coring and Core Analysis

Subsurface Investigations