Geotechnical Engineering

The Galli Group provides geotechnical engineering services in Oregon. Our geotechnical professionals have decades of experience and advanced engineering licenses in general civil engineering and geotechnical engineering.

The engineers utilize outside drilling services and our ATV-mounted drill rig for subsurface investigations. They are supported by our technical staff and soils testing laboratory in providing the following technical and design services for all types of residential, commercial, industrial, governmental and public works projects:

Site Evaluations

Subsurface Investigations and Reports

Foundation Studies and Design

Deep Foundations

Deep Excavations

Excavation Safety and Shoring

Slope Stability

Tie Backs and Tied Back Walls

Expansive Clay Treatment / Design

Liquefaction and Lateral Spread Studies

Dewatering and Site Drainage

Building Settlement and Subsidence Studies

Roadways, Airports and Parking Lots

Foundation Failure Studies

Causation Analyses and Expert Witness

Underpinning and Foundation Rehabilitation

Retaining Wall Evaluation and Design

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls

Soil Nailing and Rock Bolts

Asphaltic and Concrete Pavement Design

Pile and Pier Foundations

Pre-Construction Surveys

Vibration Monitoring

Excavation Dewatering

Retaining Structures

Landslide Remediation

Dams, Dikes and Berms

Roadway Embankments

Airport Improvement

Communication Towers

Engineered Drill

Structure Dewatering

Erosion Control Plans