Surface Water & Groundwater Hydrology

The Galli Group engineers, geologists and scientists are well-experienced in surface and groundwater projects and provide services in Oregon. Our senior staff are licensed as professional engineers, geologists or engineering geologists, groundwater hydrogeologists and/or geotechnical engineers. They utilize outside drillers, geophysical methods, computer modeling and our materials testing laboratory to provide the following hydrologic services for all kinds of residential, commercial, industrial, governmental and public works projects:

Basin Discharge Studies

Flood Flow Evaluations

Floodplain Structure Design

Floodway Encroachment Studies

Channel Hydraulic Studies

Well Analyses and Design

Stream Morphology Evaluation

Erosion and Scour Control

Streambank and Channel Stabilization

Bioengineering Methods

Preliminary Groundwater Analyses

Construction Effects on Wells

Basin Groundwater Analysis

Project Water Requirements

Surface Water Runoff Control

Excavation & Site Dewatering

Campus and Ball Field Drainage